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Major Harrier’s year: 2008 Tagging operation for chicken of Montagu’s harrier in a large scale in 2008
Volonteers needed !!
2006 summary
Raptors Enquiry
You can also participate in your department. We can really help you mainly for Montagu’s Harrier prospection in 2008 to integrate local groups tracking the harriers in: * 24 Dordogne : Verteillacois : We already have volonteers, Plaine de Faux : We have local people tracking, * 40 (Landes) : We are looking for volonteers, * 47 Lot-et-Garonne : We have some volonteers around Duras. Meetings and trips will be held for those groups. Pay attention!
Updated on 11/07/08
Montagu’s Harrier with satellite transmitter nesting in the 47, and other controls ... see “News” page
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